This web map application can be utilised to compare satellite scenes of Slovak territory from different time periods (years).
Please use swipe tool (vertical line) in the map window. You can spot the changes of forest cover by its movement to left or right.
Select the years for comparison in the bottom part of application. A composition from the selected years will be displayed in corresponding part of the map window.
The boundaries of forest stands, districts and state forestry administration units can be added or removed in section "Layers".
It's the best to use a mouse for navigation. If using a navigation toolbar, it is necessary to deactivate it after navigation.

Satellite scenes:
coniferous stands
deciduous stands
mixed stands
planned felling
sanitary felling
standing dead trees
agricultural land
built-up area
water bodies

state forestry administration units
forest districts
forest stands

After using navigation buttons, please deactivate panel.
You can use mouse for navigation:
 wheel - zoom in / zoom out
 press left button - pan
 +/- - zoom in / zoom out
 arrows - pan
 SHIFT + press left
  button - zoom in
 SHIFT + CTRL + press left
  button - zoom out
 SHIFT + click - center view
 double click - center and zoom in
boundaries of state forestry administration units, forest districts (LHC) and forest stands (JPRL)

Boundaries of forest districts and forest stands are displayed in detailed view only (at the scales bellow 1:100 000 and 1:50 000 resp.).

Forest district (LHC):